What's this all about?

I assume you've reached this page by clicking the "browser alert" on one of my webpages. Of course, the only way you saw that alert was one of two things:

1: You're using an old browser that should be upgraded, or

2: You've turned your style sheets off, or have your own custom sheet active.

If you're on an old browser, or don't understand what style sheets are, you should probably upgrade your browser, or download the latest version of any number of free browsers available on the internet.

For lists of available, recently released or upgraded browsers, and a little information on each, take a look here:

1: W3schools.com
2: browsehappy.com

(I'd suggest Firefox, but that's just my favorite)

Why do you need a new browser, anyway?

Old browser's acted very different from each other, so web developers had to find work arounds and hacks to make a website look the same in Internet Explorer as it did in Netscapes browser.
Today, we're much closer to having all the browsers do the same things, and so we don't write our codes the same way.

Of course, this means you'll need a newer browser to view the sites as they were intended.
Don't worry, though. It's quick and painless. Just click on one of those links above, and start seeing the web in a whole new light!

On the other hand, if you've turned your style sheets off... Turn 'em back on.